Bridge or border

Is there a bridge or a border before us? The answer to this question is usually in the eye of the beholder. How to overcome cultural and historical barriers and finally turn the borders between us into bridges? While seeking answers to these questions, artists re-examine the boundaries of personal and geographical space, linguistic bridges and barriers, parallels that connect us, collective wisdom, as well as vaguely defined lines between "here" and "there"...

Rag rug +

Rag rug

Catrin Bolt

Another Europe +

Another Europe

Sangam Sharma

Malo morgen +

Malo morgen

Pira Tin

Wien Wien +

Wien Wien

Tijana Petrović

Ausgewanderte/Eingewanderte Wörter +

Ausgewanderte/Eingewanderte Wörter

MIRArt Mirjana Đorđević-Thaler

Here and There/Ecstasy +

Here and There/Ecstasy

Lana Vasiljević

Utopian Technique +

Utopian Technique

Boris Burić