Others - that’s us

More in a human than in a political sense, this is a meeting point for views of the other, fear of the unknown and the belief that we know well what we have never seen, a place for the old and new views of oneself and others. Great myths versus human individual existence. Rejection and recognition.

Stímmung +


Ivana Ivković & Marina Marković

The Flaw (1920) +

The Flaw (1920)

Walter Kratner

Budget Rebellion +

Budget Rebellion

Michael Heindl

Lost authenticity +

Lost authenticity

Eva Maria Schartmüller

Wien Wien +

Wien Wien

Tijana Petrović

Untitled +


Aleksej Sivcevič

Here and There/Ecstasy +

Here and There/Ecstasy

Lana Vasiljević



Ulrich Reiterer