Stories and histories

A meeting place for global histories and human stories told in the language of visual arts, where a picture speaks a thousand words, but also thousands of common words give a unique picture of the field where two cultures meet. Freud on a journey through the Balkans, artistic searches for spaces in and around oneself, great historical and economic turmoils and turbulent human destinies within them.

Another Europe +

Another Europe

Sangam Sharma

Inđija +


Leonhard Pill

Like a House +

Like a House

Mariela Cvetić

Malo morgen +

Malo morgen

Pira Tin

House of Flowers +

House of Flowers

Julian Turner

Wien Wien +

Wien Wien

Tijana Petrović

Ausgewanderte/Eingewanderte Wörter +

Ausgewanderte/Eingewanderte Wörter

MIRArt Mirjana Đorđević-Thaler

Here and There/Ecstasy +

Here and There/Ecstasy

Lana Vasiljević



Ulrich Reiterer